Retail business is selling goods at retail outlets in various types such as, markets, department stores, boutiques and others (including sales with delivery system service), which is generally to be used directly by the buyer in question.

Retail business in Indonesia can be divided into two major groups, namely Retail Traditional and Modern Retail.  Modern retail is basically a development of traditional retail.  These retail formats emerged and evolved over the development economy, technology, lifestyle and community that makes people demand more convenience in shopping.
First modern retail presence in Indonesia as Sarinah Department Store was founded in 1962. In the 1970 s / d-1980s, the format continues to grow this business.  Early 1990s represents a milestone entry of foreign retailers in Indonesia.  It is characterized by Japan's largest retail operation 'Sogo' in Indonesia.  Modern retail and grown so rapidly as the government, based on Presidential Decree no.  99 th, 1998, issued a retail business from the negative list for foreign investment.  Before the Presidential Published 99 th 1998, the number of foreign retailers in Indonesia is very limited.
Currently, the types of modern retail in Indonesia is very much include the Modern Market, Supermarket, Department Store, Boutique, Factory Outlets, Specialty Stores, Trade Centre, and Mall / Supermall / Plaza.  Modern retail formats will continue to develop according economic development, technology, and people's lifestyles.
Modern Market, one of the retail market are introduced in the 1970s, called as a retail format that has developed very well in 5 years last.  How exactly stretching Modern Market in that time?  Who are the major players are, and what are the challenges facing Modern Market in the future?  This paper will discuss the development of Modern Markets and who the main players in this business.  This paper will also discuss challenges.
What are the future faced by Modern Market.


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